[FMX] Creating a simple read & write database in flash?

Hi everyone. I’m new here, nice to meet everyone ^^. I have some big problems(to me T^T) that I really need some advice about.

I’m working on this flash game right now and I need to implement a simple players database…

It needs to be both read and writable . Meaning, when the player register to save his character information , he needs to key in his email and a password and create an account. The account shall store that player’s life amount, ammunition etc . All the infos are stored on an external file and retrieved again when the player logins to the game with the email as his login ID. Security issues are not the biggest concern here because its not exactly meant to be an online game and I don’t think hacking would be something I need to worry about ^^’’’

I’ve tried Xml with AS, but I realised that, that alone canot allow me to write the player’s info into the xml file.

I’m not exactly an mySQL idiot…but I really have very(x2) rusty and limited knowledge of it. All the server topics confuses me and I’ve had no experience with Microsoft Access. I know neither Php nor ASP =(but they shouldnt be too hard to learn i hope>.<;)

I hope I’ve been clear in explaining. Sorry to trouble you folks here but can anyone suggest how I should go about this project? what are the programs necessary? Thanks in advance >.<
prays someone replys soon