[FMX] duplicateMovie and _width property

I am trying to load some thumbnails and I have a few items that seem logical to me, but they do not work. The lines that are commented out do not work for some reason. The width of each thumb is needed so that I can space them out evenly with like 20 pixels between each.

Initially photoArray has the path to each jpg, then it is overwritten with the movie clip when they load. If anyone knows why these lines dont work or knows a more efficient manner to load thumbnail jpgs that would be cool.
I 've also tried getProperty() with no avail. PEACE - I’M OUT

createEmptyMovieClip("thumbMC", -100);
     tn = "tn" + i;
     duplicateMovieClip(thumbMC, tn, i);
     photoArray*.thumb = this[tn];


Anybody have any ideas?:nerd: