FMX - enable and disable MC´s and levels

Hi there to all

I have a question about enebling and desabling MC´s(as buttons) and levels.

Frequently I see websites that when you click on one menu item, until something loads the menu is disabled, or in other cases is usuaç to see in gallerys, when you click an image the image open on top of things, and you can´t access the button or links being the image.

I thought on many ways to do this, the easiest way I thing:

1- is to put a tranparent button on top of the movie or image that loads whit some closing actionscript, but i think this way is not nice;

2-the second one I though is to write some function for enabling and disabling things, but if I have lot of elements it´s not nice, and the third one is to add a Listener to Stage whit some onMouseDown event that closes the level or the swf loaded.

What do you guys think?

I think I explaneid my case well, and My question is what is the correct way to do this, one example of this can be found on a fantastic website designed by the Guru himself, joshua Davis.

Thanks in advance