Fmx error

can someone please tell me what i´m making wrong:

for (i=1; i<=8; i++) {
	attachMovie("mc", "m"+i, i);
	_root["m"+i]._x = 10;
	_root["m"+i]._y = 10+yPos;
	yPos += 70;
	_root["m"+i]._width = 50;
	_root["m"+i]._height = 50;
	_root["m"+i].preload("images/m"+i+".jpg", 40, 50, 50);
	_root["m"+i].onPress = function() {
		loadMovie(this._name+".jpg", _root.content_mc);

//i´m using this to attach an mc 8 timesto preload some images to it, but the press event dosen´t work. have I wroted a mistake, I can´t figure it out (preload is a proto) and he works fine, the error only occurs when i click each image, he says he dosen´t find the image