[FMX] Linking AS to ASP/PHP

Okay folks, I’m trying to make a simple mailing list with a Flash interface that writes the inputted email addresses to a text file. How do I/Can I pass the information collected by the Flash movie to the ASP or PHP (whichever) script? You can’t use AS to write directly to a text file because it’s client side, right?




I’m soooooo sorry.


oh yeah, the examples in that thread don’t work because my DNS is down. :frowning: if you desperately want to view the files in action then let me know and I’ll dig up a link to them. :slight_smile:

Nah, I understood the script fine. Thanks a lot man.

BTW, where is the 3rd part about writing to a TXT file?

well if you know php then writing to the text file would be handled directly with the PHP, if you don’t know the php that well then check out this thread:


I don’t need it. It was just the passing of the variables I was unclear about. I can handle the PHP from there. I was just being anal about the incomplete nature of the tute:)

oh, yeah I haven’t gotten that far yet. My school work, unfortunately, comes before my Flash and web work. :slight_smile:

Haha, mine too. Funny, you’d think I would major in something that I’d rather be spending my time on, like web design or computer science. Ah, such is life.

yeah, my major is Anthropology, but I enjoy web design and CS more. I just couldn’t deal with the Calculus that is required for a programming degree…

I’m a physics major. The calculus is EVERYWHERE.

Thanks a lot for your help.

ahhh physics… couldn’t stand it. But thats only because my teacher was a nut-job.

Glad I could help.


This takes a lot of time too. I’m the bass player.

Gotta promote the band any chance I get. If you like it pass it on.