[FMX] Modal window in actionscript. How to?

Hi folks…
I need to make a modal window in flash.
Let me make it clear…
I have a country map. on clicking a location, a movie pops up.
the movie will have a close button to close it and return to the main movie.
I want the main movie to be inactive and the popup movie to be active, unless i close it…
How do i do it?
can anyone help me on this?



um…easy way would be putting an inactive button on top of all the stuff in the bg and then going button.useMouseCurser=false…that should make everything under the button sorta disabled…so u can’t click on it anymore…hehe its probably one of the easiest ways…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the information.
But it doesnt work for me.
Can u kinldy debug the attached file.
This will be really helpful for me as i am totally lost in this.
thanks a ton in advance…