[FMX] Motion Tweening MC's and Losing AXN Script Access

Hello, I’m currently working quickly through a project and whilst working with a MC in a motion tween I have suddenly lost action script access to a dynamic text field within it. Simply put, when I debug the movie, I can’t even see the text field, “content” which used to show up in the debugger. All I can see now is the MC itself, “board”.

Hypothetical location of the dynamic text box: _level0.board.content

It used to show up but now it simply doesn’t. Before I was changing the text in it by accessing “_level0.board.content.htmlText” but now I can’t access it so I thought I’d work around it by just using setting the dynamic text box to read from a variable, which worked fine, BUT now the scroll bar on it will not work.

In a perfect world I’d like to be able to access _level0.board.content but if that isnt possible or something, maybe a hack for it so I can still have the scrollbar work? Please someone help.