FMX please help i have no clue

hi guys,

here is my problem, tried to learn about dynamic text, did’nt do too bad reading lots of tuts.

cobbled together the info from 3 tuts to make the attached fla (scares me that i understood most of it…lol)

what is supposed to happen is, on load displays a pic (in the frame, not the middle of the movie) and the info in the boxes. click on next and it all changes to the next image and info when all images are done clicking next runs back to first image. (prev does the same but runs to final image)

couple of notes

  1. i had no clue how to set my counting variable (to see when i reach the end of my array) and then load the next image without resetting it (so i put x-0 in frame 1 then set the reload to frame 2, it worked so what the hell)

  2. yes i know i could use x++ and x-- on the buttons

  3. i tried to use arraylength=“myarray”.length to find the length of the array and use that on the button logic (so i dont have to update the buttons when i add more text) but 'it did’nt work for me (surprise, surprise)

  4. originally i didnt load the jpg’s, just had one pic sitting there and changed the text. and it worked like a hot ****. everything was peachy… then i tried to get smart and added all the image loading bits! thats when i started loosing more and more hair.


hope some bright spark out there can

a) work out what i want (pics load in set position, no "variable
showing on load)
b) work out what i did (good luck)
c) work out what i need to do (i cant be that far away…can i?)

kisses from my wifey if you help (well…someone has to get them)


can you give us the fla instead of the swf, we can’t do a thing with that, I would make the border a mc and load into that mc, so it’s not in the middle of your scene, but in the middle of you movieclip
give me the fla!!! :rambo: :slight_smile:

sorry, seticus, spent all night on it and found my prob. it was the way i was loading the pics

thanx for looking anyway’s

(and yes i feel a fool…thought i had posted the fla…grin)



p.s. (not to dissappoint i have attached the fla (no laughing at my a/s ok)

p.p.s. now looking for a way to load the array from a text file

do u mean definning the array from a text file or just having the code of the array in the text file!


it is actually being used as a page to display pics.

so i want to load the array from the text file

then to update all i need to do is edit the text file and wow instant site update (of course i will upload or delete any pics added or deleted too …grin)

next time the swf plays it is “updated” and only displays the newly edited

could u plz check this one

done it h,

read this one first lol

soz for the multipoasing

n thanx for the response

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