[FMX] removeMovieClip not removing instance mc

I am pretty new to AS2, but I am trying to make a shooting game. The player mc has all the scripting for movement and bullet firing. I’ve got the bullets detecting the enemies, but they won’t call the removeMovieClip when the detection occurs. They will only play the enemy mc animation.

onClipEvent (enterFrame)
function fireBulletsNormal() // NORMAL SHOT
var newname = “star” + i;
_root.attachMovie(“star”, newname, i*100);
_root[newname]._y = _root.hero._y + 10;
_root[newname]._x = _root.hero._x + 10;
_root[newname].onEnterFrame = function()
var bullet_speed = 25;
this._x += bullet_speed;

if (this._x > 525)
 this.removeMovieClip ();

var numEnemy = 6;
for (var h = 1; h <= numEnemy; h++)

if (this.hitTest(_root["enemy"+h]))


The final play() command should call a script embedded in the mc’s last frame:


I thought the reset command would remove the clip, but it doesn’t seem to. I keep thinking this has to do with the fact that my enemies are instances.

Any help would be appreciated.