[FMX] Tutorial Problems

Hi there. This is my first post on this forum (and it won;t be my last :slight_smile: )so I hope it’s in the correct section.
My problem is to do with the Preloader and Transition for Dynamic Files tutorial.
Basically the first .swf in the homepage is off to the left and i don’t know why. The original .swf shows as centred.
Also on the links section(ignore the name i was just experimenting) I have implemented another tutorial. As you can see the lines are offset from the cursor and the co-ordinates aren’t showing. The lines and x/y co-ordinates show fine if the .swf is viewed outside this movie.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
AL:) :slight_smile:

Can I see your fla’s? The only thing i can think about right now is dat your content movie must be placed wrong or your eexternal content movies’ size is different from the main movie.

Here be the relevant FLA’s in a zip file. I have had problems before when loading a movie and the movie being placed down and right of where i intended. But i am a beginner and i expect i have done something silly. Like not learned it properly.
Ta for any help

I need to see your main movie’s fla

Oh that FLA. lol i thought i had attached. Here you go.
Ta again :slight_smile:

Oh that FLA. lol i thought i had attached. Here you go.
Ta again :slight_smile:

Obs: Your text.swf movie should be same width as links.swf.

Thanks Claudio for replying. Yeah that rotating text movie is swf only as i lost the FLA so wasn’t sure if width was the problem.
And i am attaching all the files here. Sorry if my info hasn’t been too great but i am new on here and will get the hang of it soon. I hope.:cool:
But why won’t the links swf play properly? is it something to do with both swfs using _root?
Ta again

Isnt the links.swf file i sent you working?
There were problems with relative pathing.

you could also use this code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	this._x = _parent.xval=_parent._xmouse;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	this._y = _parent.yval=_parent._ymouse;

and embed the font outline.

you can mask device fonts by using a MovieClip as the mask (see MovieClip.setMask) instead of a mask layer and you also need Flash Player 6.0 r47 or above (not sure about the version). :-\

Much thanks Claudio! I must’ve reposted at same time u did. I can see you have moved the x/y pos of the lines, although i don’t know why they are offset like that. And it works now when playing through the main clip, although i can’t see how you done this. Back to the books methinks.
ALSO is it not standard practice to attach the actions to the buttons rather than frames on the timeline? Which is better?
Ta again

*Originally posted by kax *
**you also need Flash Player 6.0 r47 or above (not sure about the version). :-\ **
Hmm i didnt now that



Thx Kax :thumb:

you’re welcome. :beam:

Thanks both you guys :beam: hopefully i can sort this out.

no problem.

and good luck! =)

Anytime :slight_smile: