Help with preloader transition thingy

Hi all,

I went through Claudio’s preloader transition tutorial on kirupa ( I have tried to apply it to my own fla and everything seems to work fine EXCEPT I can’t get any of the external swfs to load into the empty movie clip called “content”. And yes, I have checked and rechecked to make sure that all MCs have instance names! =)

Could someone please take a look at this and tell me what the heck I’m missing?

Many thanks! :love:

The fla is empty here

No, it’s there. :hr:

Nope, the trainNav.fla is empty here :sigh:

Uh . . . have you tried it all the way? :ne:

When you click on the link in the post it goes to a website. There are only two things at the website - one is a cry for help and the other is an underlined link that says “flash file”. When you click on that it starts the downloading process. This downloads a folder that has an fla and four swfs. I just downloaded it so it should work! :beam: I guess you may have to zoom all the way out once opened/

Oh yeah, and the whole thing looks better when viewed in a browser - it was built for web vs. just testing in flash.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, ive tried it twice and no success, the fla file was 0kb.
[edit] now it worked

I removed the content movie clip, dragged another instance from the library and itt worked.

Are you serious? That was it?! That is so infuriating! :d:

Well, at least it was something simple that I can wrap my brain around . . . :nerd:

Thanks Claudio! :snug: