[FMX04]Help needed:S Xml menu and transition between external SWFs

HI all!
I am makeing new website for my AAclan.
I am am loading external SWF files into main file from XML created menu.
I want to make TRANSITIONS between loaded files, but this Kiripa tutorial does not work for me since I can not give each button sepparate code. All buttons come from xml.

At the moment If I do all by tutorial all menu buttons start to load same link which and transition works, but yeah I need menu to understand that it must load new swf not that same.

I know it is possible, but I do not know how it is made, so if anyone could help me I would be very happy!

I hope you understood my problem.
Thanx in advance!

Now comes code that needs to be modified :

if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = _root.link[this.i].attributes.url;
_root.Konteiner.loadMovie(link[this.i].attributes.url, “_blank”);
} else if (_root.currMovie != link[this.i].attributes.url, “_blank” ) {
if (Konteiner._currentframe >= _root.Konteiner.midframe) {