Transitions Between External SWFs HELP!

hey… im new at this forum…

i saw this tutorial

i tried it but i have some problems…

i’ve put this action in a frame:

_root.currMovie = “index"container.loadMovie(_root.currMovie+”.swf"); so it starts to play the index.swfbut… when i test the movie… the index.swf plays… but my menu dissapears…its under the index.swf… and the same if i dont have the _root.currMovie = “index” container.loadMovie(_root.currMovie+".swf"); and i press the about button… the about.swf plays… but the menu is falling behind it

can someone please look at it??[color=#2259c2]index.fla[/color][color=#2259c2].fla[/color]

It’s because the movieclip you load the external swfs in is on the same layer as your buttons. Simply move your buttons to a new layer above the one with the movieclip in it and all will be fixed. By the way, only main.fla can have navigation buttons. I saw you have them in about too, they shouldn’t be there because you will be loading a copy of the buttons.

ok thanks!!!

No problem :slight_smile: