[FMX2004pro]drag and drop navigation

Not another drag and drop problem you say!
Dont worry, ive been looking on all forums and ive managed to get this far from canabalisation!

This is what im kind of aiming for…

Joshua Davis - drag and drop prototype

so far i have come up with this - forgive the very basics, they sit in a complex UI which ive removed.

my drag and drop prototype

ive scaled the movieclip with robert penners easing equations.

i want the scaled movies to jump back into the nav bar when another one is dragged into the main window.

Also id love to stop the scaled movie clip from being clickable - redragged when inside the target area - unresponsive to the mouse.

Any suggestions please?
despite the subject heading, im using AS1.0 but flash player 7
i can supply the code if you want.
many many thanks

Actually yours seemed more usable. Mabe the first sample’s full-screen mode was overwhelming. Anyway, I was working on a similar thing that no one could help with:


which involved Duplicating the “thumbnail” (click the small thumbnail and it grays out while duplicating and enlarging to full size). I just couldn’t figure out how to close the big ones down…

Maybe my file (attached in the above thread link) can help…