Fold all your shirts in 7 seconds!

Look here:
That little “commercial” inspired me to run to my room and re-fold all my shirts last night. Honestly. :smiley:

[EDIT: You may have to save it to your hard drive to watch it.]

this well show you how to fold a shirt better and faster then any one you know. so click watch the flash and try it. if you can do it. show yer mom:) she well go insane!

somebody posted a vido about the same technique some time ago… but I can’t find the thread (this one)

That’s amazing. I wonder if the guy demonstrating it was really good, or if the method is just that good.

thats a girl. but also i tryed it and it took 3 secs to learn

I meant guy as in ‘general person’. Lol

Can you do it as well as the demonstrator?

Im going to go ahead and merge the threads since its pretty much the same thing :wink:

Wow - how did you find this thread? I tried searching for it, but then I realized that I just emptied the search index of words and URL links hehe :nerd:

Haven’t you seen the Senocular smiley? Just look at all those extra eyes!


links aint working for me i wanna see and learn lol

try this

Whoa, my thread’s back! Awesome! Long live the art of folding shirts! :thumb:

yep :thumb: yesterday I folded every shirt in my closet :smiley: after seeing idioks post ;)… then I tried posting and couldn’t find the thread, until now :slight_smile:

I’m not even gonna *try * that as I know it’s not gonna work :beam:

it took me about 50 tries… but I got it! and it’s so much fun :wink: I could fold shirts all day :smiley:

**** MAC!! Can’t watch it, anyone re-post? that one’s in flash? it should work :smiley:


BWAH! so cool, it works!!