Font embed question

Hello everyone.
I’m a long time fan, seldom poster. I love your site! So helpful and informative on so many levels. I’m having a problem with something and I know with all the pro’s on here…

This one should be easy for you:

I made a banner for a website. The banner uses 3 images and some STATIC text that comes in on the last frame. Simple right? So why are a few people telling me they can’t see the text? I thought the text was part of the .swf and that was one of FLASH’s cool features right?? All the books I have say that I DO NOT NEED TO EMBED STATIC TEXT so why is it that my friend can only see the letter “Y” on his PC at work?? The letter Y happens to be the only letter that I broke apart to alter. Should I just break them all apart? How come it looks fine to some and not others? Am I to assume all those users just happen to have bauhaus installed and that is why it looks fine to them??? I’m so confused.

Here is the banner:

Can anyone tell me if they don’t see all the text please? My theory is that those who cannot see it do not have Bauhaus on their system. But the real question is why am I having to embed static text??