Font embed

well, where do i start? (being my first post and all)

i have this little problem that i would like to resolve (obviously). i am trying to maintain a certain font i am using in a dynamic text box, and i am almost positive not many people have this font.

i have embedded the font, problem solved right?


my font looks like my windshield. blurry.

if you want to see what im talking about, take a gander at my site

this is just a temp site, but anyways, if you go there, under the home menu click on news, and when it comes up be prepared to not be able to read anything.

so my question is: what the heck do i do? (thats simple enough)

how do i get rid of this blurriness?

Well embedding font outlines is what causes the blurriness because it anti-aliases your font.

pixel font + anti-alias = some ugly text

Suggestion 2 (theory): File/Publish Settings. In the HTML tab I believe there is something called “Device Font”. Check that box and see if that works.