Font-family setting for embedded AND devicefonts

I’m trying to set a text field to arial, helvetica, sans AFTER I disable embedded fonts, but I’m having trouble with the CSS. This is what works for embedded fonts when I’m using English text:

font-family:"MetaPlusBold" ;

But then if I switch languages and therefore have the embed fonts = false I get a serif font. That’s not surprising, because I can’t use anything else in there… adding other font families doesn’t help and “breaks” the embedded version:

font-family:"MetaPlusBold" ,  Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; 

btw, I have to use weight and style so it looks right when using device fonts. I guess I really need a way to set everything to “_sans” but not on the actual text fields themselves. That didn’t work for me, because this doesn’t help:

body {
font-family:"MetaPlusBold-Roman" ; 

I have to set my text fields to the embedded font. They’re dynamic but already on the stage so I can animate them easily.
So probably I’m missing something basic, that I’m not learning through various google searches.