Font identification thread

what font is this:

I am pretty sure Kirupa or somebody posted something in the design forum about font identifacation.

Its Myriad Pro, used by Apple. This was already posted and could have easily been found/posted in the Drawing and Design forum.

there is a whole thread of ways to figure out, was this thread at all nescessary?

sorry for being harsh, but you know…

it’s kinda weird since I have this font on my mac, but I only have the condensed version of it, atleast that’s what photoshop tells me. and in the font book it doesn’t appear at all. anyone know why this is?

not sure but I think adobe plays some games with fonts, in illustrator I have like tons more fonts that they gave me but I think they’re in the application’s folder rather than the system and that might be why you can’t find them

the font your lookin for is been ported to windows

You can find all the font identification tools you need in the drawing and design thread in which Dippy posted a nice list of links all related to fonts. There is no need to post threads about fonts that you wish to find when you can simply find them yourself.

For all font related issues, look no further:

I am closing this thread, but will leave it here just as a example to show what will happen to future threads that are about finding fonts or font indentification.