What font is this?


I haven’t been here on the Kirupa forums in years but I return to appeal to the community: what font is this? I made this like a year ago for a website but can’t remember what font it is. I’ve been to a few font identifiers online and checked every font on photoshop to no avail does anybody know what this is?

Never mind it’s Chitown NF Regular from 1001fonts.com


Case closed!


Haha, glad you found out what it was. How did you find it? Did any of the online font recognizers end up working?



I actually was looking for a new, similar font on 1001fonts.com and in my search this popped up. Sadly the fond recognizers did not work. I’ve never had success with them, I think we may still be a few years off from having a really good free online font recognition system (but I have no idea).

Also I think that since this is not a major font from a major type foundry it may have been harder to recognize. Honestly I doubt it’d be in any of the font identifiers databases.


There used to be one called what da font which I seem to remember worked reasonably.


Actually myfonts.com buy them, but the service is still available and in 99% cases works smooth. I’m always using this tool, before I asked for help on some forum.


This is not just some forum, this is the Kirupa forum!


Yeah, sorry about that :wink:
Especially here!