Font issue: swap/edit fla's between PC and Macs?

I have a PC at home and a Mac at work. Sometimes I like to take my fla home to do some work on my PC and bring it back to work the next day. Loading movies on both machines works fine, but there is a font issue. I have different fonts on my mac and different fonts on my PC. So when I load the fla’s I get font errors if I don’t have that particular font installed on my machine. I have used PC to Mac font conversion tools, but this is kind of a pain.
ANyways, what I’m asking is…can I store/embed a font into a swf and call that font between both PC and Mac within different move clips? I have read a bit about shared libraries, but not sure if that’s what I need.
What’s the easiest/best/most efficient way of sharing a font across platforms?

You can embed the font so comps that don’t have that font will be able to view it.

Since this topic has been discussed many times before, I’ll let you run a search for it. Search for “embed fonts.”

Yeah, I actually made a similar post a while back, but didn’t understand the answer. Alrighty, I’ll give a search for "embed fonts"

Man…I searched through and through and still haven’t found my answer. I did this tutorial:
and still no luck!
Can you see the actual font while editing the FLA on a machine that doesn’t have the font installed? Or can you only see it when it’s published?
This is killing me!

Can you see the actual font while editing the FLA on a machine that doesn’t have the font installed?


As far as I understand it embedding fonts is simply turning the fonts into shapes. You do this by selecting your text box then
Ctrl b and Ctrl b again.

From the Flash help files

To optimize text and fonts:

Limit the number of fonts and font styles. Use embedded fonts sparingly, because they increase file size.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:
****, that’s not very convinient…I guess I’ll have to use only one machine to author :frowning:
I really HATE the way handles fonts! They make things much harder than they should be…ala pixel fonts on whole number coordinates etc