Font issues - mac and windows xp

hey all you flash freaks
so here is my problem, I have just designed a website in flash mx on my macintosh (os x). the site is
Now the client that I designed it for would like to edit and update it from his computer which is PC (windows xp). Doesnt seem like it should be much of a problem, except when I load the source .fla files on his machine, the fonts (adobe trade gothic) show up missing, or if they do show up, they are infact the wrong variation of trade gothic. the versions trade gothic come directly from a transtype transfer of the font that I have made, so they should work fine, not to mention we also tryed using the pc versions of adobe trade gothic he has. not sure what to do about this, any tips on making fonts match from mac to PC would be greatly appreciated.


jsut use one of the regular fonts like arial times new roman or any other fonts its all i can think of :frowning:

hmmmmmm but trade gothic looks so tasty…
anyone have any recomendations for “trade gothic like” fonts that work well on the web, in 10, 12, and 14 point?
grimdeath why you got t’ hate on apple? :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t there a font converter you can download?
You could just make it PC compatible.

Have you tried embeding the font?

what is embeding?
alt B, lol, no breaking them would be non- user friendly.
Ive been reading up on it, its some cross platform junk, where PC only allow 4 versions of a font, while mac allows 6. although that is pure speculation on my part.

do a search for embedding the font…

it’s a button on the properties panel, but you need to understand what it does… well, you should know anyway…


ok I think I see what embeding does, how much does it increase swf movie size?

Depends on the font you’re using and how many characters of that font you embed.

You can embed all the characters or just the ones that you need.

hmmm, well it will just be one ttf, so maybe not that bad, but do I have to embed every button or will the file generate in flash for all with just one embeded? also do I have to have it embeded in each swf file?

thanks for the promt response, this forum rocks

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I believe you have to embed the font for each text dynamic text field you have.

well thats gunna take a while… bah
but thanks for the help electrogeek, for a geek… your pretty cool