Font question

I need to embed a specific font in my flash app. the font i want to use appears in photoshop but not in flash. how can i make it appear in flash? if you need to know, the font is Myriad Pro.


Rysolag, have you tried searching? All you need to do is type the charcters within a dynamic text field> go to the bottom properties window > select “Characters” > select “All Characters” and you done. You might hate it when people like me tell you to search but it is much easier and quicker to get answers. I for one cant answer your question at the rate you wanted to to be answered since i live in a different time zone.

you failed to answer my question. i know how to embed fonts. my problem is that the font i want to use does not appear in flash’s font list; however, it does appear in photoshop’s font list. how can i get that font to appear in flash’s font list?


Most probably u’ve installed the fonts in your machine in a wrong way. That is you just drag and drop fonts int he windows /fonts folder. But the postscript fonts and tru type fonts needs adobe type manager (ATM) to work perfectly. U can donwload that from …check the documentation in the same for installation of fonts…

ill look into that…but the font i want to use was included with my computer or photoshop; i never installed it in anyway myself. also this is for flash not photoshop just incase we’re mixed up. more opinions are welcome.