I never got this.. FONTS

I thought flash exports all the font letters used in film. How come when I load my flash on another puter that doesn’t have the font I get Times New Roman or some other crappy font?

you have to embed the font :slight_smile:

Ah ok… thanks

e: } } X T C . R A D I O . L O N D O N { { DJ Journeys Into The Underground
Current title: John Digweed - Global Underground Hong Kong (Part 1)

Im having the same prob with dynamic text…how do I exactly “embed” the font?

me too, i have thesame problem with dynamic text as well.

Same as his Question, How do you embed the text?

thanks in advance!

You are all using mx, so go into the properties panel and click on “character” then you will find the option there

Copper, thanks for the info! yah i am using Flash MX, but im not sure with the other fella.

You said in the Properties yah? i’ll try that, if doesn’t work i’ll get to ask you again on how to do it.