Font Size and Break Tags

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<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Getting a Custom Button</title>
      .red{color: rgb(228, 9, 53);}
      .big(font:bold 50px Arial)
  <button>I am on ordinary button</button><br>
  <button class="red">I have Red Text</button><b></b>
  <button class="big">I have Big Big Font</button>

//line 7 - increasing 50px to 100px doesn't make the font any larger - 
the <br> on line 11 does result in the next 2 buttons being on
a different line but the <br> on line 12 doesn't result in the 
last button being on its own line - why?//

I have been playing with this code since I posted it and I see the font size problem is due to the wrong enclosures following .big - should have been { }
instead of ( ) - the mystery of not getting a line break following the “I have Red Text” line, remains a problem

You have bold tags (<b></b>) after the second button, not a line break (<br>) tag.

Try this code, It’s work on my pc.

OK - that was easy - I apparently have to take more care with my coding it would seem.

You’ll get better at catching these things more easily with time. :wink:

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