Fonts arn't right !?


I’m in the middle of creating a site for a friend for a t-shirt company and I’m having trouble with the fonts.

I know Rupa went over this in a tutorial, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly all the time. I’m using the font (Hooge 5) and I made it dynamic so they look crisp, but then when I view the page on a cpu (other than mine) the font’s are replaced by their system defaults. It seems to work sometimes and not others. the page right now has it working correctly on the “Sign Up” Button, but all the other text is screwed up. It gets blurry when i put it too static text. Any ideas??? Am I missing something?


Hey Mickey,
The problem is that other computers may not have the font installed on their comp. Select the text and look in the Properties panel. Click the Character button in the Properties panel. The Character Options dialog box will appear. Select “All Characters” to embed the entire font outline to your Flash movie. If you are only using a few pieces of text, click the Only Option and type those letters in the “And these characters” box.

That should display the font in systems that don’t have the Hooge font installed.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks Rupa, you rule. i’ll give it a whirl

No problem :slight_smile: Tell me if it works, it should…I hope!

Kirupa :ninja: