Text changing in browser?

This might be a stupid question but I thought when you typed something in flash in a font that you have added that it would show up in the kind of font on another persons computer. Am I wrong? I just checked how my site looks on a friends computer and all of my text is not the right font…

Also I am loading an external video clip into my movie using an empty movieclip and using onClipEvent (enterframe) to load it but when it loads its aliasing the font on the entire page!

anyone know what I can do to help this?

embed the fonts if they are dynamic

How do I do that? I know thats a stupid question but is it a setting under the text properties?

In the text properties pane, click the “Character…” button, select specify ranges and then hold down the control button whilst you click on the characters you want to embed.

well this is kinda weird…
all of my text thats changing is static text… when this movie clip of the slideshow comes up it changes it all still… I went into the slideshow and made sure that its 2 dynamic text boxes were set to embed and they are so I still dont know what the heck is causing this… the component im using is easyslideshow from www.flashcomponents.com

anyone got a clue?

In the properties window uncheck the “Use device fonts” :wink:


use device fonts is not clicked on anything…