Food for Thought

PhilJayhan I hear from lostinbeta that you love debates, and what not.

New site/online magainze that I am co-authoring called food for thought, designed just for that purpose. The rest of you are welcome ofcourse:

I know your always hungry for a debate Phil… this site seems like a good place for you :slight_smile:

It is really great. Nicely designed and has some interesting content.

ask is the man. hes helping me with my PHP stuff for my site. :slight_smile:

Which reminds me, I have to get crackin on learning PHP again…

I started some time ago, then stopped, then started, then stopped again…lol. I think I forgot everything I once knew about it.

Beta, I’m learning PHP myself at the moment. Perhaps we can help eachother…

That would be awesome :slight_smile:

But of course, I will probably have to catch up to you first. We will talk in AIM sometime :slight_smile:

Catch up? lol yeah right. My first experience with PHP was that guestbook that I made. I think that by making that I have a fairly decent grasp of a few of the commands. I think I’m going to make another tutorial about updating and saving HTML pages…

Well by now I have forgotten so much already :frowning:

I think you replied before I hit the submit button!

LOL… nope, check the time it was posted.

uh huh… :stuck_out_tongue: Well, when I get those tutorials done I will send them to you first if you would like to beta test them for me… I’m off now. I just finished my last final so I need to go celebrate!

Congrats :slight_smile: Sure, I will beta test them :slight_smile:

beta test them? will they end up lost in beta like you as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but the will be beta approved :beam:

Since finals are over I may have a chance to get the guestbook tut done in the next couple of days. I’m hoping by Wednesday night. :slight_smile:

Now I just have to reinstall Flash…

Awesome :slight_smile:


I’ll ask phil, david, kirupa and reverendflash. They seem to know the most when it comes to writing articles based on their beliefs in politics and other subjects that would fit well on your site. A lot of our members are younger and don’t exactly have the best grammer or have experienced as much real world views as lets say some others. I got ya covered ask, don’t worry about a thing! =)