/// for all 3dsmax users! ///

run through this tut: http://www.onnovanbraam.com/index.php?main=tutorials&group=tire-texture

I get the tracks on right, but as soon as I smack on the side gfx, it screws up everything!! :frowning: no map fits anymore, and I really don’t know why, it should work, it’s 2 different materials dammit! :scream:

If any of you max users out there can run through this tut, and holler back if you encouter the same problem, that’d be sweet, then maybe I could mail they guy telling him something’s wrong… :-\


will do tonite…looks like a good tut.

oh wait, me realize something…

hold on…

dammit, I forgot to use the multi/sub materials! :scream:

I’ve been screaming all night about this, and it’s ME screwing it up… grr…

oh well, now it works :slight_smile:

you check out the link posted by Ironik?

Hehe, I remember that tut! The alloys suck, but the tire mapping is something I still use.

it worked for me althought htere are somethings id do diff.

yeah the alloys for one :stuck_out_tongue:

ironi: the tire track mapping is awesome :slight_smile: I’m going to try to model a car sometime soon (if it’s possible… for me…)

better start small with a tire :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon it’s a pretty good introduction to using multi-sub object materials and subject id’s for mapping more complex objects. It takes a while to get the hang of (I’m still learning). Good luck

Hey soulty thanks for that link…I have been trying to find that post forever