For loop in button action not properly working

Hi I’m creating a game for my son where he is supposed to build a word from a bunch of letters.

On each of the letters I’ve attached the following code:

on (press) {
  startDrag(this, false, _root.left+40,, _root.right-40, _root.bottom-40);
  this._xscale = 110;
  this._yscale = 110;
on (release, releaseoutside) {
  for(var i = 0; i <= _root.theWord.length-1; i++){
    //Convert droptarget from /-path to .-path
    if (eval(this._droptarget) == _root.main_mc["targetBox"+i]) {
      this._xscale = 70; //This action is no executed
      this._yscale = 70; //This action is no executed
      this._x = _root.main_mc["targetBox"+i]._x; //This is executed
      this._y = _root.main_mc["targetBox"+i]._y; //This is executed
    } else {
      this._xscale = 100;
      this._yscale = 100;

Now I have this problem that the “xscale” and “yscale” action is only performed when released on the last target clip in the for loop. But the line “this._x” and this._y is performed everytime I release a letter on a valid place.
Does anyone know why?

Cheers, Ola