For starters - I'd like a text nav bar working

First - I would like to have a lower nav bar on all pages of my flash site. The nav bar would be the first thing to load (a bright white text) when you enter the site and then fade to grey. When a user rollsover the text the entire text nav bar will brighten to white while the specific word (section) that the mouse is over will be red.

Secondly - on the home page I want the name of my company to fade up from and rest in the upper right corner of the page. The name can be anchored up in that corner on all pages of the site.

Thirdly - I want to have the main content area (which is like a letterbox viewing of a film broadcast on TV) have images that slide across the home page using a mask. Each image will be the width of the home page and should be clickable to a section on the site.

You will see from my attachment a little bit of what I want to do…as well as how lost I am.

I believe I should first start with a working nav bar…but these are all on my TOdo list.

thanks for any help.

First: hello
Second: iwant i want iwant…but what can you do, how long have you been using flash and which version, do you know any actionscript…?
third: the explanation in your 3rd point was a bit unclear…

advice: logos usually sit in the upper LEFT corner, it’s kinda conventional, you’d better stick to it…but you don’t have to.

Start one step at a time, try’n make a clip action as you want on rollover with the colors, add the text buttons then > what are they supposed to do, go to another frame, load another swf…?

Caaalm down, easy, you’ll get all the help you need here :slight_smile:

Yes, instead of I want, I want, I want…it should have read I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck… :ninja:

background - I am using Flash MX. I am new to Flash. So far I am familiarizing myself with Actionscript but right now my skill level is not much better than ‘cut and paste’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I know HOW I would like my site to look and function. I started by trying to make the NAV BAR and am not sure if it should be a movie clip with buttons of each of the main sections (words such as COMPANY REEL and CONTACT) or some other way. (I will go back to some of the tutorials to see if I can make progress).

Next, I thought I would try to have my logo fade into view (I agree I should move it to the left.) Then I wanted to fade a photo onto the screen that could click to a section (probably loading another swf). The picture if not selected would wipe of the screen as another one loads (probably five different pictures in a loop) using a mask. What you see in my fla file is how far I got before I overloaded my brain.

So I am taking a deep breath and will go back to the NAV task.

this by far has been the most informative site and I also appreciate it’s quality.

I get an error after downloading and attempting to open your .fla file. Try putting it into a .zip file and reposting it. Hopefully that will work.

I work on a Mac and only can .sit or .sea my files. I don’t believe I can .zip but hope to get a new compression tool soon.

It could be that my .fla file was too big that it did not upload correctly. I am uploading a .jpg of what I hope my home page will look like.

The Nav Bar is supposed to turn white (all words) on the rollover and the word that the Mouse is over should be red. I believe they will connect to other .swf files.

Also, if you could offer a reality check as to the other things I hope to accomplish on the page (especially the image which should be clickable that will wipe off the stage as another image replaces it - using a mask treatment. This will have a total of five images that loop one at a time onto the page that are clickable. Each image at about five seconds per image to sit on the screen).

thanks for your comments.