For You Photographers

Go pick up this months esquire. It’s called the photo issue and my quick read showed a lot of different great photographs and styles. Also has a bunch of the industry top photographers. I subscribe and my copy is in my bathroom in case any of you want to come over and leaf through it.


Edited cause my typos were atrocious.

Oooh! The perfect excuse to go into your bathroom! :lol:

no thanks ‘Perfect’ :slight_smile:

Although I hear the photographers who shoot for playboy magazine are good…anyone want to come to mine and look at a PlayBoy??? :slight_smile:

well, I see you’re all into the photographers already at the top of their industry, but to be honest that’s pretty old hat.
Outrageous Amateurs, uses the young, exciting upcoming photographers, I suggest you check them out.
My issue’s under my pillow if anyone’s interested.