Forgot My Camera [RANT]

Last night I went out in Melb with some mates, we kinda did a small pub crawl towards the casino and then evntually ended up there, had a few more drinks and played some roulette, anyway it was about 4am and we decided to leave on our walk back to the apartment. As we come out of crown looking at the city across the Yarra River it was dead calm, no wind, no clouds and the sky line with lights and buildings was awsom!!

Anyway way earlier in the night I got my camera ready to take, as i wanted to get some night shots of melbourne. But when I left crown I relized that I left it at the apartment which is an hour walk (2 min drive). I was soooo angry because last night woulda made some nice awsom shots, and i had it planned but forgot the camera!!

Well I guess there will be another time, but last night was just perfect, im kicking my self now that I forgot the camera. :a::a: