My Night at Crown

Well last night (saturday night) I went to the ‘Crown Casino’ for the first time, which is a casino in Melbourne. I went with a mate who just had his birthday last week. Anyway before our journey we decided to dress in suits, yep suits! We looked stunning for to 18 yr olds :D.

After the 30 minute car trip we arrived at crown, we parked on level 6 which was the roof parking which was easy access to the casino. Our first steps in were awsom, the amount of people was huge & just the complex was awsom. We got asked for our ID’s and there on we entered into the main gaming lounge. Our firsts bets were on BlackJack $10 Tables. I lost $30 within 10mins!! :crying:.

Anyway hours past and I was $110 in DEBT!! :crying::m: - My mate who was with me was $70 up and I was getting jelous!! Anyway I withdrew some more money and brought some more chips and went to the roulett table, which i got out of debt and into postive :smiley: - I was $230 up!! But that wasnt for long until my sequence I used in roulett failed on a very bad odds, I was again in debt $110!! Yuk!

Anyway angry again and with my friend winning I had another crack at roulett after a 10 minute break. An hour later I was $200 up :D:D, but that was to continue to climb, further increasing it to $500 withing another 2 hours :D:D. After being at the casino for 6 hours, yes 6 hours, I thought it was time to leave while i was up $400, so we cashed in our chips. After walking to the exit i found a $5 chip on the floor, picked it up and went back to roulett to try my luck! So i put it on Black #8 (Kobe Bryant is black and he is number 8) anyway the wheel spun and some how it landing on Black #8!!! So that was another $150 :D:D, we left instantly leaving with $650 :D:D, after being in $110 debts twice!!

Well thats my first night at a casino and by far was the best night iv had in a long time!! ill be surely going back withing a few weeks!!

I went to crown with $110 cash — Withdrew $100 halfway through the night = $210 ------- Walked out of crown with $650 :D:D