Form Email Issue

Hello Everyone

Was hoping that someone could help me out with a strange issue that I’m having with a form I’ve created in CS3 on a mac. In the past I’ve created loads of forms and never found this issue before. Unfortunately this is for my biggest client so it’s really doing my head in!

The form has an email input, which uses a dynamic text box. Font is Arial and all characters, punctuation, latin etc. have been embedded. The input works fine on a mac but when you check it on a PC the ‘@’ symbol on the keyboard is reversed. If you use SHIFT+2 the @ appears (exactly as you would on a mac), but if you use [email protected] you get quotation marks (like you would if you were using a mac keyboard).

So somehow I have built a form that replicates a windows keyboard as a mac keyboard!

Anyone come across this before? … any help would be much appreciated.