Strange mail form problem!

I have a weird mail form problem. I have a flash/php-based mail form which works perfectly except for one thing:

When typing in the form, the keyboard acts like it has english/american layout. On a swedish keyboard you make “@” using alt gr+2, and on an english you do it with shift+2. When I try making one with alt gr+2 I get a “2” instead of a “@”, but I can make an “@” using shift+2.

Since the website is in swedish and is for a swedish company, this is ofcourse a problem.

the site URL is:

The problem must be somewhere in the or the [URL=“”] file. However, I have no Idea where to find what’s causing this.

I’d really appreciate any help!

Ps. It’s not the flash file. It works as long as it’s not embedded on a page.

EDIT: It seems to be working like it should in IE, but not FF or Safari