Form Post Method

This project can be separated into a 2-part project:

Part 1. create entire Application Form with necessary calculation in a Form Post Method (could modify the included Form.html)

Part 2. create only the necessary code to calculate $amount for Merchant Payment Form

The Budget for Part 1 (if modifying the existing Form) = $125.00
The Budget for Part 2 = $50.00

I will pay 50% upon delivery of Part 1 or Part 2.
I will pay balance after a successful test.
Name your form of payment that works best for you.

I am including 5 document in a zip file for you to look over and decide which, or all, of the project you would like to undertake.

Description of files within two zip files: & (see reply from me below to retrieve - -files exceeded storage amt) includes:

  1. Getting Started.pdf (4 pgs)
  • documentation from Merchant explaining the minimum form field (with examples) needed to communicate with their Payment Form
  1. Developers Guide.pdf (4 pgs)
  • more Merchant helps documentation (see second reply) includes:

  1. application.pdf (1 pg)
  • original app
  1. Form.html (1 pg)
  • can be modified if you choose to do Part 1
  1. calculations.pdf (1 pg)
  • an explanation of exactly what I want to have calculated. Can be modified for best results

Project start date (as soon as someone is excepted). Project completion date: within 5 days after start date

You may PM me or simple reply to this post.

Thank you to all who may take the time to read, and special thx to the one(s) who will assist with this project.