"form submissions" in flash...How?


I’ve searched the site and wasn’t able to find a tutorial on how to be able to submit forms.
You know how you can get the users name and email and a nice submit button to submit the stuff.

I would love to know how to do that…any tutorials, examples ? plz help.


It functions just like any non-flash form - use PHP or ASP or CGI. Try creating a simple form, here’s a tutorial: www.flashkit.com/tutorial…ndex.shtml

Maybe that will give you an idea.

Thanks alot rennaissancegirl…i got it :slight_smile:

I found another really good one too…just for everyone else who wants to know, here is the link

It gives details for flash 5, using perl, php and asp

You wouldn’t happen to know how to make a site search engine in Dreamweaver would you? Or at all? It is one of the last little projects I need to do for my site before I publish it.


Head… exploding… no Phil, I don’t know… I’ve never tried it.

I would prefer to do it in ASP…you may try to go to:


Then search for “Search Engine” or something…im sure you will find something there bud :wink:

My new host doesn’t support ASP. Do you know of a non-asp search engine that I might be able to find?


use php to build your engine or if not that u could build a cgi script

I don’t know how cgi scripts work, but with php, you’ll have to put your texts in a database :smiley: . At least that’s the way I did it.

pom 0]

No ASP? Ouch, well…try to do it in php then. I dont program in php much so I cant give you any guide lines for that, but I will answer any questions you have though.