hi there,
i am new to flash and i tried out some tutorials and they are great! esp. the vibration tutorial!!!

now the question…

look at this site and tell me please how this guy made the nice movements of the borders…
is this formtweening or what?


i was just wondering cuz the animation is so sweet and smooth…
how does this work?

thx in advance!


…shape tweens :sure:

…with shape hints :sure:

thanks for reply guys…

i know what shape tweens are but wth are shape-hints???


Inside Flash go to:
Help | Lessons | Creating Tweened Animation

sorry for bugging you but i just wanted to know that :slight_smile:



anytime :thumb:

ok now i figured out how to form tween but there is a problem …
i cant put in new anchor points with the pen tool!?
when i select the pen tool and try to insert a new point it does nothing… am i dumb or is it not possible to insert additional anchorpoints? :-\ :crazy: