Morph using lines?

i am having trouble doing a simple morph using lines that i want to change to curves…i tried it with flash mx at home and i had no trouble…but now at work where i have to use flash 5 i can’t seem to get that nice transition like before…is it just not possible to do a shape morph using lines with flash 5? thanks ahead for any help!

do you mean a shape tween? Have you tried using hints?

yeah i mean shape tweens, but no i haven’t used hints…whats that supposed to be? do you mean like the flash help? sorry i’m by no means comfortable with flash quite yet. i have been using it for about 2 weeks

on the first keyframe of your tween, go to Modify > Shape > Add Shape Hint (or Ctrl+Shift+H). This will add a little circle on the screen with a letter on it. Move this circle onto a certain key place of transition on your shape. Then go to the ending keyframe of the tween and position that circle on the point where the point of the original placement should transition to… if you get what I mean. This little letter circle is a guide for Flash to follow when executing the tween. I believe you are capable of 14 different shape hints (each with their own letter) for each tween. Before testing, be sure make sure the shape hints are finding each other ok (they arent red). If not, move them around a little more until they ‘click’ into place and are able to be seen by eachother. By ‘eachother’ I mean the letter in the first keyframe and that same letter in the last.

If your hints suddenly dissappear on you, you can show them again in the View menu. The shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+H.

Also, try adjusting the blend type from distributive to angular and vise versa. You can get different results from that too.

hope this helps

thanks! that worked great once i found the shape hint…it was under transformation rather than shape…wonder why none of the tutorials i looked at mentioned that.

oo sorry, Im used to it from MX - where it is shape - should have mentioned it might be different in 5 :wink:

glad to hear it worked out :slight_smile:
… actually I believe flash 5 might have a sample example/lesson on it in the help menu

I followed your directions above, and the Add Shape Hint is in embedded light gray colors (it wont let me select) i tried doing it on hte next (and empty) frame but it wouldnt work. i tried making another keyframe in frame 10 and it still wouldnt work. what am I doing wrong