Formatting xml text

hi. i’m trying to format xml text with html tags. i’ve searched this forum and read some of the previous threads but still am a bit lost.

here’s a variable i create to hold the text i have in a [CDATA] tag:

instructionsText = unescape(stripSpaces(node.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue));

then later on i create a text field to put that variable in, i.e.:

// display instructions
ich.createTextField("inst", 998, 0, -10, 520, 40);
inch.inst.renderAsHTML = true;
ich.inst.text = instructionsText;
ich.inst.multiline = true;
ich.inst.wordWrap = true;
ich.inst.selectable = false;
ich.inst.setTextFormat(new TextFormat("Arial", 11, 0));

what am i missing? i thought this was the right way to do it…???

thanks. fumeng.