Formmail Forms & Dynamic Text (I'm puzzled!?)

Hi experienced users!
Well, I’m creating a website for a friend which it’s being made using Dynamic Texts (he wants different switchable languages).
Problems come when submitting the Form… I’ve used the same Form model (formmail) for other websites which did not use any Dynamic Text and they worked without problems.
The exact problem is that the submitted Form is not received (don’t think it’s even sent) to the specified email address. However, if the same website does not contain any dynamic text, then the form works properly and the query is received at my mailbox.
Has anybody experienced a similar situation?? I’m completely lost because I can’t understand the reason for this behaviour, the only thing I know for sure is that the problem is variable related.
Any idea will be welcome and highly appreciated. :ear:

maybe this will help :thumb:

Thanks for your answer FlashPlaya!
However, I can’t change now the whole base of my website and implement this other idea. I mean, this piece of Dyntext of mine just works fine, I guess somebody else must have stumbled into this situation by using a Formmail form and dynamic variables.
Let’s see if we can find out what’s wrong with that! :wink:

Oops…hasn’t anybody ever had this problem?
I haven’t found yet the reason why this simple thing is not working properly, however, it’s very peculiar since if I put the Form MC in frame 1 in the main timeline before any Flash variable is loaded, then it works !?
I’m, convinced there’s an interference between variables but why?

In Flash, this is all the AS I’m just using in frame 2:
[AS]language= "english.txt"
loadVariablesNum (language, 0);[/AS]

and in frame 3 (where Form_MC is in):

They all are loaded from a text file as you can see.

The submit button in my Form, contains the typicall following code:
[AS]on (release) {
subject = “Costumer Form from your Web”;
recipient = "[email protected]";
loadVariables (“http://www.mydomain/cgi-bin/”, “”, “POST”);
_root.Form.gotoAndStop (“Thanks”);
So…no idea what’s going on with this all.
Any help/idea will be highly appreciated for that I’m completely stuck.
Thank you guys.