Forms in Flash MX w/ ASP

I have a form in Flash MX that asks simply for

The information is gathered in Actionscript like so when the submit button is pushed:

submitURL = “”;

function onSubmit() {
// Create a new LoadVars instance for the form data
formData = new LoadVars();
// Initialize formData variables:
formData.Name = “”;
formData.Email = “”;
formData.Phone = “”;
formData.Concerns = “”;
// Gather the order information into a LoadVars instance.
formData.Name = txtName.text();
formData.Email = txtEmail.text();
formData.Phone = txtPhone.text();
formData.Concerns = txtConcerns.text();

// Submit the order data
formData.send(submitURL, "_self", "POST");


When I post this information to my asp page, none of my data seems to be sent? On my asp page I’m using
“Request.Form(“Name”)” and so on to gather the information.
But nothing is being put into my asp page? Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?