Forum Population: 3K+ Kirupians

Enough said, kirupa is the man, this forum is getting huge! :eye:

Wohoo! Thanks :slight_smile: For 3k members, we sure do have a ton of posts.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

We should throw a big ol’ party at 5K members, we could take over a small city with our crazy mix of kirupians!

Kirupa, did I spoil our plan for world domination, starting with a mass posting forum, next we will take mIRC! :wink:

A mix of pie, bar, and line graphs will do fine, I like the different shapes and colors :beam:

congrats kirupa! you are the proud owner of the best community ever!! :wink:


That is both about the amount of members here and Phils new gigantic footer that is way beyond the requirements set forth by Kirupa.

This forum is getting huge quick!

Make sure that your footer is not larger than 300 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. I know it may be too small, but it really helps keep the layout neat.

Yes it is!!!

What’s that weird planet that comes in…?

hmm… orange… looks like the number 76 on it… (???)

3000 users but 500 with no post :-\ [SIZE=1]and 1 with 7000 posts too[/SIZE] :crazy:

Eilsoe: The planet is actually a gas station logo.

Ilyas: So true, so true :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 76 still has some stores… There is one around my town somewhere, or maybe not… but I thought there was! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this forum would have a lot more than 3k, but that’s still a ton of people. Great job everyone for attracting people and getting them to stay!

(formerly bcogswell11)

Kirupa changed his name, but it is still the same account thing.

Just like Makaveli used to be Makaveli_Da_Don

phil…i sware i saw that footer on another member…or was it your old one?

It was his old one. I guess Eilsoes wasn’t good enough anymore :frowning:

i don’t get how Kirupa can chg name? Kirupa is still Kirupa?

Phil, wouldn’t it be cool if with that aiming thing you could blow planets and even the sun up? but forgive i am jumping ahead of myself…your losuy engineers won’t have your death star ready for at least another 2 months…or was that 3?

congrats Kirupa… :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: i think it was lost who said this forum gets a new member signing up eveyr 3 seconds or something?

No, it is Phil that keeps track of that.

He loves spying in the Who’s Online section to see who is registering and such :wink: (And just spying in general).

if i have myself to invisible mode…can he still spy on me? and whatever happened to the privacy of the people? where are out basic rights and freedoms as Kirupians? HUH PHIL???

If you are in invisible mode, no he cannot see you. So there is your privacy :wink:

It’s all very Orwellian - never mind Big Brother, Unckie Phil is watching us. :slight_smile:

WOOOHOOOO! 3000 members! Very cool!
lol at makaveli’s avatar!:slight_smile: