16,000 members on Kirupa!

Well guys,
I’d just like to dedicate this spam to how succesful this forum has been,
and just liked to congrat Kirupa :wink:

End of Spam

wow awesome how many posts over all do we have?

Threads: 58,604, Posts: 540,072, Members: 15,999


Members: 15,999

Good counting bob! Beaufitul weather we’re having today!


Ah the hell with it :krazy:.

How many female members there are?

I noticed that we also had the most number of users online at any given time today also :slight_smile:

Lots of records being broken! Its been a wild ride watching this place grow, two years on the 31st :smiley:

yeah, it seems like every day we have the most, that’s odd… :stuck_out_tongue:


Who wants to count all of the one post wonders?

Or those that have no posts :-/ I think kirupa should send out a community e-mail and tell everyone to post :smiley:

I’m not sure that’s necessary :sigh:

I think I checked once and saw that there were about 23 pages of 0 post count members :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just shocked that we have so many members, or so many people that actually visit these forums. It just shows that KF are a really fun, organized, helpful place to be!
waits for the 16,000th member

That’s saddening. If you register, you should take the time to post a little. Not lurk.

yeah the sql statement should have

WHERE post_count>2

in it

The funny thing is,
there’s like only say, hrmm, 100 or so of us who actually post in the talk forums?
I mean I see people who ONLY posted twice in the Flash forums, but we are special, dedicated people!

There are 16,008 members now.