Forums (for dummies) free and easy to use - suggestions please

A mate of mine who is a language teacher at high school level wishes to set up a forum for students to interact with students from other countries.

suggestions of “dummy” proof forums would be great.

cheers in adv.

I don’t know any forum that is ‘dummy’ forum, but phpBB is a free solution.

dummy proof…that’s tough :slight_smile: If she isn’t interested in anything fancy, ezboard is not a bad choice. You have limited customizability, but you don’t have to have your own server or worry about troubleshooting anything.

coo. cheers kirupa. LOL @ Maxtrosity.

any more? (currently looking at ezboard)

I see lots of “Invision Power Boards” out there. Maybe they’re foolproof.

Invision Power Board is no more foolproof than any other self installed php-based forum system out there in my opinion.

I agree with kirupa, get a free one that isn’t hosted on your own server or installed by you or anything, just a nice automated one with minimal features. EZboard being one of those.

I’ve never made a IPB; I was just spewing out names. :wink: