Website Review

I just found this forum page and this is pretty stinking cool! I also kind of made my own ‘forum’ page and I would like to get some suggestions and reviews on it. TimmChan
Btw if you know how I could make this into a real forum page than help me because I’ve been trying for ages now

404 :frowning:

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K, I just fixed it, try going to

Unless you really want to build your own forum from scratch for educational purposes, you may want to use an off-the-shelf solution. This site uses, for example :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out
I would like to build my own because it sounds like a lot of fun but just getting one up and running already would be really great lol

I don’t mean to be picky or anything but I’m kind of short on cash right now. Is there a free alternative to discourse that I could use temporarily?

The working links are now and

Discourse is free and open-source, though the hosting requirements for it may be a bit expensive.

If you are looking for a free solution with easy/cheap hosting requirements, then this is a good choice: