Forums Have Themes Too!

It’s a bit undiscoverable right now, but if you go to your user preferences, you can select from a handful of themes created by the Discourse community:

There is an extension to Discourse that will get the themes to display more prominently in the drop-down menu above, and I hope to get that setup later today.


Have these always been there? Its kind of doubly hidden being in the Interface section of the Preferences which you have to use the links on the left to get to.

It was always there, but I never had any themes installed. I enabled that the other day, but I will expose it more broadly once it is not hidden like it is now haha.

It is now easier to select a theme!

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Not a fan of the badges being styled differently. Im guessing thats a discord thing.

Yeah! It is all by the particular theme creator in any quirks that you see. I do hope to create custom themes that work better on this site, but that is a bit lower on my list right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have much control over what goes in this menu now? Would it be possible to get a link to in there somewhere? I’d love to have a link to the main site from the forum

Just noticed the mobile badge there is not themed differently (red instead of green)