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Yes, that this site didn’t have a functioning “About” page for many years is a huge oversight. I do want this page to be less serious and more about all the random stuff that happens here. Feel free to leave me any feedback on things to add/modify/remove :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t known of a way to get to the forums from kirupa.com i actually thought there was no way and no mention of it.

Now i see its the “ask a question” that links you here, but a new visitor does not have a direct indication that a Forum exists

Not these?

Edit: quick JS query shows there are no fewer than 22 links to the forum on kirupa.com :wink:

document.querySelectorAll('[href*="//forum"]').length // 22

On my phone im missing both side bars which contain those links. Using latest chrome on android. Even when selecting desktop site.

Ah! You’re right! Forums is mysteriously missing from the mobile site.

That’s a great point, @tbo. I’ll need to fix that, for I rarely use the mobile version of the site! The forums aren’t easy to find at all :raccoon:

Its funny I’ve noticed it for quite some time, but it wasn’t until i went to type that post that it took all of one second to finally realize its the very first button, but still illustrates the point that “ask a question” didn’t jump out as forum to a new user such as myself, who’s only been here for 10 years

I added the Forums link to the mobile menu as a short-term fix. I’ll need to rethink the header a bit on mobile, but that may take a bit more time :clown_face:

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While you’re at it: There’s no great way to reach the main forum page if you’re at the bottom of a specific thread if you’re using the desktop version of the forums. Since there’s no floating header, you either need to press Back, or scroll to the top of the page and press the Forum link.

Not this guy?

That’s not a consistently present UI. I currently see:

There are 4 unread remaining, or browse other topics in random

Neither link goes to /, which is what I’d want. At that point, it’s easier to type a platform-specific shortcut to go to the address bar, type fo, and hit some arrow keys depending on which device I’m on. (Some have split responsibility with my other Discourse.)

I actually tend to use the sidebar and click on the top date (Mar 22 in screenshot) to bring me to the top of the page. Then I have the header to use to go back to the main form page.

(Edit: ooo, this image is getting oddly cropped. I guess its too tall?)

I depend on it heavily for the tip of the day since I add the tip, then need to go back to the first post to add it to the list. But it also conveniently shows the header with the forum nav.

Yeah, that’s a good navigation tip. A sticky orange would work pretty well too.

This is a result of me overriding the default Discourse styles with the sticky header that will take you to the home page. I need to revamp that next as part of getting the look between the forums and the main site more consistent :stuck_out_tongue:

The simplified header is messing with my mind grapes. I spent all this time training myself to use the “Forum” link to go back and now its gone.

It isn’t final haha. I got distracted by my daughter in the middle of making the updates, so I will spend some time tonight adjusting things to be more usable! :grinning:

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Ok - I got the forums back to a known state with the default headers but our custom styling for the message content. Now to figure out how to mix and match header content between the site and here.

:+1: Header looks great now.

What does it look like now? I’m still seeing a simplified version.