Forward and rewind buttons don't work

I found this nice tutorial with final FLA file, at the bottom; [URL=“”]
I have 10 keyframes in my movie. Each keyframe has stop(); and an MC with a piece of animation inside, and at the end of each MC, there is a _root.nextFrame();

Play and Pause buttons work, but rewind and forward do not work. It works, if I export individual MC’s, but I really need it to work, so that they can control the rewind and forward, by going into the MC’s first.

To conclude: I think the problem is, that the code must know that it must control the animation inside a corresponding MC, and not on the main timeline (like it is programmed to originally) - but how? Which codes do I alter to my own needs? Or am I placing my code at the wrong place? (inside the MC vs. outside). Should I also giv my MC’s unique instance names?

How do I make the code from tutorial, to work in own FLA?

Thanks in advance